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1995-2000 Maps Without Territories

Cluett developed and refined her computing skills through the nineties. She began to employ more complex software systems, revelling in the increased possibilities which these offered. She described the Maps Without Territories series as dealing ‘with loss and attempts at retrieval, expressing a need to locate and ground oneself coupled with a sense of dislocation’. Cluett’s working process entailed first extruding plans of building footprints on the computer to imply perspective and then sandblasting the images on to irregular stone slabs. As these ideas progressed she began to display her own photographs taken from within the buildings alongside the stones. Much of her work from this period exists solely on the computer; thousands of files attest to her prolific production. The same image is often repeated countless times over months or even years in some cases, changing in negligible amounts in tone, perspective or size. Cluett’s preferred images were printed out in archival ink and framed.